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ID Comms Perspective

The latest news from ID Comms together with regular media industry insights and updates.

What's inside the programmatic black box?

"Whoever holds the gold makes the rules."

Opening the Black Box of Programmatic

The (Actual) Future of Programmatic

ID Comms Ranked #1 UK Best Workplace™ for Women - Why Does it Matter?

ID Comms #JOMO Days

No Surprise, Programmatic is Still a Mess

"I wish all pitches were run like this."

ID Comms Names New EMEA Investment Director

Pitching to Perfection

Where are the customers' yachts?

Cannes I skip it? Yes, you can!

Better Media Investments

Celebrate Better

Media Capabilities: Adapting to Change

6 Steps to Achieving Success in Media Investment Management

Media Capabilities: More Moving In-House

"We didn't trust them, they didn't trust us."

Why Are Media Investments Becoming Less Effective?

Cheap is Good, but Good is Better

All Eyes Are on Marketing Procurement

ID Comms in the News: EasyJet Splits EMEA Duties

3 Priorities for Procurement in 2023

Who Wins the 'Better Media' Award for 2023?

Agencies Must Always Reflect Marketing and Procurement

ID Comms in the News: FanDuel Retains Horizon Next As Media Agency

Life at ID Comms: Victoria Potter, Global Director of Investment

The 5 Ways You Need to be More Ethical in Media

But how good ARE we at media?

'Get the job done. Take care of your people.' - My 4 Big Themes of the 2023 ANA Media Conference

ID Comms In the News: Why #MediaSnack Matters

Pressure on Margins = Pressure on Marketing

ID Comms Ranks #4 in Top 100 Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing

5 Paths to 'Better Media' - For the Brands We Serve

ID Comms In the News: On Truth Social Ads

"Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay."

For Collective Action, First Collective Understanding

Reminder: We Are All in Service of Brands

ID Comms In the News: Why the Industry Can't Pause Action on Cookies

ID Comms Third Annual #JOMO

ID Comms in the News: 2022 Global Media Training Report

Are Agency Pitches Broken?

How to Select a Media Agency Pitch Consultant

ID Comms In the News: Audible Global Pitch Appoints Wavemaker

How Do You Evaluate Agencies During A Pitch?

Preparing for Your Next Media Agency Pitch

How Will You Excite Agencies with Your Pitch?

Seven Reasons To Call A Media Agency Pitch

How Should You Manage Incumbent Agencies in a Pitch?

2022 Global Media Talent Report: Results and Analysis

ID Comms In the News: Burger King Announces Results of Media and Creative Pitches

What Drives Advantage in Programmatic?

Why Programmatic Media Management Needs a Playbook

The 4 Most Important Questions in Any Pitch

Every $ Accountable: The Dos and Don’ts of Programmatic KPI Setting

Can Programmatic Spend Be Audited?

An Increasingly Privacy Centric World

Simplify Programmatic Complexity: How to Protect Your Investment

What Makes an Amazing Agency Pitch Brief?

What Happened to Pool Auditing?

What Makes the Best Agencies Compete for Your Pitch?

What Makes a Winning Client/Agency Relationship?

What is the Media Director's Priority for Q1?

Hands On Pitches

Media Transparency: Trading Worries Now Eclipsed By Ecosystem Issues

What Are Fair Payment Terms?

What Does Media Procurement Do?

What Do Internal Media Councils Do?

Why Brands Can’t Be Silent On The Talent Crisis Facing Agencies

What Capabilities Do Media Departments Need?

What's Going On With Agency Talent?

Are Remote Agency Pitches Here To Stay?

5-Point Renegotiation Preparation Checklist

Bill Duggan, Global EVP, ANA: ANA Media Transparency Report Anniversary

Bob Liodice, CEO, ANA: ANA Media Transparency Report Anniversary

Ad Verification - DoubleVerify Latest Report

Keri Bruce, Partner, Reed Smith: ANA Media Transparency Report 5 Years On Longer version

Lou Paskalis, SVP, Bank of America: ANA Media Transparency Report 5 years on

Amy Armstrong, CEO, Intiative: ANA Media Transparency Report 5 Years On

Why A Media Operating Model Is One Of The Smartest Investments For Growth

Marla Skiko, US & Global Head of Media, Ford Motor Company: ANA Media Transparency Report 5 Years On

ID Comms Expands With New Global Assurance Director

Industry Leaders Reflect On Progress At The Fifth Year Anniversary Of ANA’s Watershed Media Transparency Report

Is Mexico The New Model For Global Media Transparency Regulations?

Media Pitch: Never Buy An Agency Off The Shelf

Media For Growth: Where Do I Start?

NatWest Group Moves £27m Media Account To Initiative

Pool Auditing – What Is It And Should I Be Doing It?

Join ID Comms and The Hershey Company at the ANA Financial Management Conference 2021

Media In-Housing Is Back

Hershey Sends US Media Duties For Confectionery Brands to Horizon

Facebook Puts $750 Million Global Media Account Up For Review

Too Flat Or Too Tall?

How Marketers Can Exploit The Past Year's Turbulence To Optimal Advantage

Online Privacy & The Death Of Third Party Cookies

"Show me the money, ROBOT!"

"I Plan Media Better Than Human" Says Robot

The Race To The Bottom Is Over. So Who Won?

Race To The Bottom On Media Pricing Is Over At Most Advertisers

Media Agency Contracts That Last

Industry Preview: What Do Brands Really Want?

The Media Director’s 5-point Checklist For 2021

"Tone Deaf"...Why Nobody Is Going To Cannes

NatWest Reviews UK Media Business

WPP, Publicis, Omnicom, IPG, Dentsu - Change Is Coming

T-Mobile Awards Initiative Its $2 Billion U.S. Media Business

Is A New Golden Age Of Media Auditing About To Dawn?

Hacking The Matrix Of MarTech

Ad Fraud, A Thorn In The Side Of Digital Advertising.

The good client in 2021

ISBA and ID Comms Launch New Guide to Media Agency Management

Media Technology Now Being Used Effectively by a Quarter of Brands, ID Comms Research

Hershey Launches US Media Agency Review

The Pandemic Has Pushed Old-Fashioned Media Auditing To The Limit

The Next Generation Audit

ID Comms Acquires Media Audit Specialist PJL Media to Boost Global Assurance Service

ID Comms sponsors ANA's Advertising Financial Management conference

T-Mobile partners with ID Comms for US agency pitch

Sir Martin Sorrell LIVE on #MediaSnack

Pitching in a pandemic

Ad industry open for new business, finds ID Comms CEO survey

ID Comms issues guidelines for advertisers during Covid-19

ID Comms team can order any books they like, to read at home during Covid-19

ID Comms COVID-19 Status update

ID Comms wins UK Government role

The Perfect Media Agency Pitch

FACEBOOK: How To Make A Quantum Leap Forward In Global Media Operations, Without Adding Complexity

ID Comms secures ISBA partnership to assist UK advertisers on media

Constant vigilance

Who'd be a holding company chief exec?

12 Signs You've Planned A Good Media Agency Pitch

Preparing for pitches in 2020

Can CMOs save the media industry?

Negative views on media rise among marketing and media leaders

Digital media isn’t answering marketing’s age old question

Marketing’s procurement challenge

If you were in any doubt, Accenture is now an agency.

British Gas Owner Centrica Retains WPP With New Cross-Agency Team For Global Brief

Your new job description: Media Director

Marketers Who Monitor Matter

How To Select A Media Consultant

Media Sustainability Marketers’ Responsibility For Global Media Long Term Health

How To Be An Effective Global Media Director In 2019

Media Sustainability: A Collective Call For Uncommon Collaboration And Action

Five Key Transformations In A Decade Of Media Change For CMOs

#MediaSnack Meets: Shailin Dhar, Method Media Intelligence

#MediaSnack Meets: Jeremy King, Festival of Media

Get ready for conflict

#MediaSnack Meets: Gerry D'Angelo, Procter & Gamble

Advertiser investment in media training rated unsatisfactory

5 takeaways from ANA Media Conference 2019

Marketers are taking a fresh look at how performance indicators can enhance productivity

ID Comms is 10!

#MediaSnack Meets: Gemma Greaves, The Marketing Society

Media Auditing - What’s It Good For?

ID Comms boosts senior management team

ID Comms Is Proud To Announce The Partnership With Deutsche Telekom

ANA Forms New Trust Consortium

ID Comms Has Topped Campaign's List Of The Best Companies to Work For

#MediaSnack Meets: Dr. Augustine Fou, Ad Fraud Researcher

The Buzzfeed Cuts: A New Dawn In Digital Publishing

Advertisers Flip Talent Focus From Agency To In-House In 2019

Three Resolutions For Advertisers Ahead Of Their Next Media Pitch

From A Rose Garden To A Cabbage Patch

ID Comms in Partnership with the 4A’s Releases Study on Media Pitch Practices

US media industry leaders celebrate ID Comms expansion to the US

ID Comms Opens NY Office

Must Do Better

Don't Pitch Without A Good Reason

Trust Between Advertisers And Agencies Has Declined In The Last Two Years

Resign Ford To Reset WPP

LVMH Chooses Dentsu Aegis Network For Its North American Media Business

Mars Consolidates $1.4 Billion Global Media Business With WPP’s GroupM

Taking Back Control

ID Comms Expands US Operations

Chart Topping Charter

Sharing The Blame

A Look To The Future

Taking Charge. Driving Change

Sorrell’s Back

How To Select And Brief A Media Consultant?

The New WPP Playbook

GSK Reviews £1.3bn Global Media

Agencies Face A Five-Year Slog

Sorrell's Legacy and WPP's Future

BMW: The Ultimate Pitch Mistake

Facebook's Fail: Advertisers Strike Back

Media Transformation

Marketers Face Challenges To Recruit In-House Buyers And Justify Cost

The 5 States Of Media Control

How To Write An Action Plan For Media in 2018

Advertisers Need To Get Hands-On With Media

Mars Puts $1.4 Billion-Plus Global Media Business In Review

The Top 10 In 2017: Review Of The Year

The Evolution Of Media Transparency Issues

What Will Happen In 2018?

How Media Mess Ruined Advertising

Facebook Has Peaked

Advertisers Admit “Ineffective Use” Of Media Technology

The Value Of Using A Media Pitch Consultant

Certified Great Place to Work

Certified Great Place to Work


Ranked #1 in Top 100 Best Workplaces ™ for Women


Ranked #4 in Top 100 Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing

Campaign Magazine

Ranked #1 Best Place to Work by Campaign Magazine

AdExchanger Best Programmatic Consultant 2021

AdExchanger Best Programmatic Consultant 2021