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Simplify Programmatic Complexity
Suzie RaflaFeb 24, 20221 min read

Simplify Programmatic Complexity: How to Protect Your Investment

There’s no doubt that programmatic has taken the ad industry by storm. According to eMarketer, in 2021 US advertisers spent 41% more on programmatic display ads – a total of $106 billion and the biggest annual increase since 2016. What’s more, dollars are also migrating rapidly from traditional channels, with TV, radio and OOH increasingly bought programmatically.

Programmatic is quickly becoming the de-facto way to buy media. As a buying method, it promises a lot easy access, fast deployment, targeting flexibility, high reach, rich data and insight and real-time optimization delivering greater control and efficiency.

It appears to be the perfect ad buying solution, saving advertisers time and money and enabling them to focus on more strategic, value-driving initiatives. But too often, time and money are being consumed by the ever-growing risks associated with programmatic advertising.

The ecosystem was built piece by piece as supply and demand increased. Today there are numerous technologies and vendors involved in the sale of a programmatic ad, creating complexity. ID Comms 2021 Media Transparency report revealed that three quarters of the industry do not have confidence in the current levels of transparency within the digital supply chain. Lack of visibility into agency trading practices and/or media owner trading agreements was cited as the biggest roadblock to achieving better transparency.

It is clear that for many advertisers, control over, and confidence in their programmatic investments is low. Common pitfalls such as the lack of transparency, fraud and waste, are significantly reducing advertisers' ability to realize the true value proposition of programmatic.

So, what are the risks? How can advertisers regain control and realize the promise of programmatic? Find out more about SAFEGUARDING YOUR PROGRAMMATIC INVESTMENT here:

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