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Find the right agency for your brand, at the right commercial terms.

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The best brands deserve the best agencies

Running a media agency pitch can be exhilarating and at the same time very stressful for your team. In the current market, agencies are being very selective and advertisers are faced with challenges like:

How to get the best agencies to compete for your business



How to negotiate the right terms



How to navigate disruption in day-to-day business



Choosing the right agency partners is one of the most critical decisions your marketing and procurement teams will make. Your brand deserves the best agency that will work hard to deliver your media goals!

The ID Comms PITCHR™ program is designed to find the best media agency for your brand in 3 phases:

Pitch Preparation

We work closely with your teams to make all the important decisions upfront, before the pitch launches, including briefs, agency shortlist, communications plan and scorecards.

Pitch Management

We manage invites to agencies and communicate with them throughout the process. We analyze their responses with you and provide scores to help you make objective decisions as a team.

Pitch Conclusion

Once you have chosen an agency, we negotiate the best deal terms so you can sign the contract with confidence and begin your transition.

ID Comms Insights

Burger King Creative Review

ID Comms Insights takes you behind the scenes of the most high-profile projects in marketing, media and advertising. We invite advertisers, agencies and consultants to give you a full 360 view from the inside.


In this episode, we take a deeper look at the US creative review for Burger King.

Are you considering a media agency pitch?

numbers-02-turqoise Use PITCHR™ to design a process fit for you
Use PITCHR™ to design a process fit for you

Our consultants build and manage your pitch using our proprietary project management platform

numbers-03-turqoise Find the agency your brand deserves
Find the agency your brand deserves

You move forward with confidence as you begin a profitable new partnership


ID Comms Media Agency Pitch Deliverables:

tick-01-white The best agencies engaged and competing to work with your brand  
tick-01-white Peace of mind that the entire process will run smoothly  
tick-01-white Confidence that you chose the best agency for your brand and negotiated the right commercial terms  
tick-01-white Know your agency is aligned with your business KPIs (and incentivized to deliver them!)  
tick-01-white An agency staffing plan that effectively fulfills your scope of work  
tick-01-white Time and money saved with clear workflows that ensure there are no gaps or overlap in delivery   

The best brands deserve the best agencies

Media is one of the largest investments an advertiser can make. Choosing the right agency partners has a huge impact on your marketing success, which makes it critical to get it right. And while pitches are often an exciting time for your team, they come with stressors and can disrupt your team’s daily operations. 

For more than a decade, ID Comms has managed some of the market’s largest media pitches. Having our best-in-class consultants to advise and manage all the to-do’s throughout the process has been invaluable to countless Media Directors and Procurement teams.

Our proven pitch program is designed to get you the agency you deserve, at the right commercial terms. Using the ID Comms PITCHR™ project management platform, our consultants facilitate a smooth process every step of the way. We work closely with your team to make all the important decisions upfront, before the pitch even begins. We manage agency invites and help you with scorecards to ensure an objective evaluation. And most importantly, we help you negotiate the best terms and begin your new partnership with confidence.