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Media Agency Pitch
Yasmena DepkoMay 19, 2022 6:41:00 PM1 min read

Preparing for Your Next Media Agency Pitch

Having partnered with the world’s leading advertisers for the past decade, we know that the key to agency selection is detailed preparation.

Like many change management projects, an agency review involves high-value contracts, multiple parties and a wide range of stakeholders. The final decision needs to be driven by an objective process that must be agreed in advance.

In fact, the need for objective decision-making in media reviews is increasing, as an ever-growing number of stakeholders now seek to contribute, reflecting the additional scrutiny now being placed on media’s investment.

This makes it vital that preparing for any agency review includes detailed planning of stakeholders involvement. 

We believe that media agency reviews should not be a cost-benchmarking exercise designed to secure the cheapest pricing, but instead focus on increased effectiveness from media investments. Our mission is to help brands understand how they currently utilise their media budget, and to identify the most valuable opportunities to make continuous incremental improvements. 

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Having partnered with advertisers on agency selection for more than a decade, we recognize the importance of identifying and communicating stakeholder engagement, and getting input early in the process. 

With workstreams spanning strategic evaluation, commercial negotiation, and contractual alignment, client-side specialists need to engage early with detailed understanding of the task at hand. 

ID Comms uses client stakeholder mapping to plan C-suite involvement during an agency search. We utilize a simple, tried and tested framework that identifies the key moments when individual stakeholders need to engage, facilitating the necessary conversations and information sharing. This allows decisions to be made with the highest level of objectivity and efficiency. 

A great review requires fantastic preparation; stakeholder mapping, clearly defined roles and responsibilities and expert project management will ensure it delivers the value you and your business demands.

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