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ID Comms
About Us

Our Mission

Brands are not getting the media they deserve and are wasting money on things that don’t drive business growth. 

As media gets more complex and fast-changing, it's hard to know what’s working and what needs improving. Without a clear plan, brands will lose their competitive advantage. 

Our evidence-based consulting gives brands a framework to remove waste and optimize the value of their media investments.

Our clients are able to make more intelligent media decisions so they can trust that their investments will grow their brands.

When brands get more value from their media investments they grow.

Our Method

Our best-in-class consultants use an evidence-based approach to guide you on your journey to better media. We rely on data collection and analysis, comparison to industry benchmarks and proven best practices, as well as practical, scalable steps that encourage success.

Each of our service areas is carefully curated from proven methods, and all our services work together to optimize every aspect of your media operations. When your Media Capabilities, Media Partners, and Media Investments all work together seamlessly, your brand will see better media results. 

capabilities Effective internal media capabilities
Effective internal media capabilities Design the right operating model for your media team
partners Productive external media partners
Productive external media partners Find the best agencies and work with them in the most productive ways
investments Maximized media investments
Maximized media investments Gain confidence that every dollar is maximized to drive new value and growth

Our Leadership Team

Barbara Marchelle Board Chair
Tom Denford CEO ID Comms Group
Stef White COO ID Comms Group
David Indo CEO ID Comms EMEA
PJ Leary CEO ID Comms Americas
John Billet Non-Executive Director

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