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Digital Control

Realize the full value potential of your biddable media investments.


Digital media represents more than half of advertiser spending.

Although it offers numerous benefits, it also presents substantial risks.

Lack of TransparencyAn opaque and complex supply chain hinders investment and increases costs.
Limited Data AccessData fragmentation makes it difficult to understand ad placement.
Wasted InvestmentEcosystem complexity often leads to poorly targeted, non viewable or fraudulent impressions.
Minimal AccountabilityTraditional media auditing frameworks are insufficient, while digital audits are either non-existent or ineffective.

ID Comms' Digital Control offers brands a comprehensive solution to untangle, de-risk, and improve the value of their biddable media investments.


Our groundbreaking audit technology delivers comprehensive data analysis and provides invaluable insights across three key categories:

Transparency Gain detailed insights into your biddable media spend, fees, and performance, instilling confidence in data visibility and billing accuracy.

Assess the relevance of your buys in relation to your marketing goals and identify risks in order to enhance safety and minimize ad fraud exposure.


Evaluate the effectiveness of your approach to ensure optimal performance in budget allocation, campaign structure, and measurement.

Here's how it works...

1- Data Analysis

We start by meticulously gathering data from all key buying platforms, servers, and reporting dashboards.


Data is then analyzed against more than 65 criteria, providing in-depth understanding of the transparency of your spend and performance, the quality of your audience and buys, as well as the effectiveness of your strategy and tracking.

Data Analysis


2 - Reporting and Workshops

Next, we compare your detailed insights with industry-leading KPIs. We provide a comprehensive understanding of your position in terms of data accessibility, waste and value loss, purchasing behaviors, and overall performance.


We then guide you and your agency through a collaborative workshop to align on findings and determine the necessary steps to reduce risk and enhance quality.

Reporting and Workshops


3 - Ongoing Accountability

We offer continuous support to your agency, aiding in the execution of agreed-upon optimization strategies. Our dedicated team closely monitors progress and offers valuable suggestions to guarantee the achievement of your digital media goals.

You will experience a strengthened and highly effective partnership with your agency, resulting in the digital media outcomes your brand deserves.

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Using our data-driven and insight-led strategy, ID Comms' Digital Control empowers advertisers to unlock a potential 35% boost in value.

Let's work together to get your brand better digital media results!

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Navigating the Complexities of Biddable Media

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If you're like most advertisers, you may feel a lack of confidence when it comes to your programmatic media buys.

It's no secret that poor ad placements and under-optimized programmatic media can harm your brand. However, uncovering the right starting point to safeguard your brand and drive new growth can be daunting.

In this guide, we give you 5 strategies that you can immediately put into action to gain confidence in your programmatic media investments and maximize your brand's digital media performance.


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