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Digital Control

Driving brand growth through digital transformation


Media Buying is Changing, So Must Media Auditing

As digital continues to take over paid media, the pressure on advertisers to gain control of their digital media investments has never been greater.
The shift to programmatic, auction-based media demands a new framework for auditing that goes beyond price benchmarking and delivers actionable insights for better decisions and improved performance. 
Advertisers: When it comes to gaining control of your digital media investments, you cannot afford to wait!

Digital Control™ from ID Comms is revolutionizing the way brands optimize their biddable media investments.


Our groundbreaking audit technology delivers unprecedented insights and proven actions for driving digital media performance.

Our experienced digital specialists are here to help you and your team gain control in three essential categories:

Transparency Gain transparency into your spending, ensuring every line of your budget is working for you.

Protect your brand by ensuring your ads appear in high-quality, reputable environments.


Optimize your strategies for tangible brand growth, not just vanity metrics.

Special Offer!

Free Digital Media Maturity Evaluation



If you're looking for a great first step toward gaining control of your digital media performance, we are offering a FREE Digital Media Maturity Evaluation.

Here's how it works:

After completing a quick and easy assessment, we will find a time for you and anyone from your team to meet with one of our experienced digital specialists.

On this call, we'll review your customized report, give you insights on strengths and potential blind spots, and help you with actionable next steps you can take right away to eliminate waste and increase value! 

In summary:

  • You complete a quick assessment 
  • We schedule a call with a Digital Specialist to review your customized report
  • You are one step closer to better digital media results!

Using our data-driven and insight-led strategy, ID Comms' Digital Control empowers advertisers to unlock a potential 30% boost in value.

Let's work together to get your brand better digital media results!

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A no obligation call to better understand your digital media goals and challenges.

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We deliver a custom plan to resolve current challenges and help you gain control of your digital media investments

numbers-03-green Unlock value and safeguard your brand With greater transparency, improved quality and an optimized approach, you will empower your brand's growth with confidence!  

“ID Comms’ clear, practical insights and recommendations from the audit process helped us re-invest significantly in the right digital channels without needing to increase our initial budget levels. Essentially, we delivered more for the same price!

Senior Marketing Manager