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Nadia ShchipitsynaMar 11, 20191 min read

ID Comms Has Topped Campaign's List Of The Best Companies to Work For

When it comes to creating a contented workforce, ID Comms believes that one size doesn’t fit all of its staff and that not all of them will be motivated by the same incentives. So alongside the offer of flexible working hours, staff-friendly open-plan offices in Shoreditch, minimal amounts of overtime working and unlimited holidays, there’s the PerkBox.

Set up in acknowledgment that staff have varying priorities when it comes to the benefits most suitable for them, PerkBox is an online benefits portal that allows employees to pick the perks they want. These can range from vouchers for high-street stores to travel discounts and professional advice and training.

Last year, the company formalised the establishment of a happy team as the vital element of its core values alongside client obsession, operational excellence and continuous improvement. The obvious implication is that the final three cannot happen without a workforce properly primed and encouraged to deliver.

A number of initiatives are aimed at bringing this about. Staff wanting to gain professional qualifications are given a helping hand by being allowed time off and having their costs covered. At the same time, everybody in the company is encouraged to bring their ideas to the table where they can be shared and the best of them rewarded.820-BPtW-Top-50

Personal initiative is also recognised in the company’s Employee of the Quarter and Star of the Year programmes, which honour outstanding individual achievements. Meanwhile, the company has been eager to create a working environment in which staff can operate at their best without their performances becoming jaded by fatigue. Hence a commitment to keeping overtime to an absolute minimum, having meetings and staff-only events held only during working hours and two away days a year in which staff are encouraged to have fun and celebrate successes together.

According to ID Comms, the determination to punch above its weight has resulted in a recognisable culture that belies the nine-year-old company’s relative youth. It claims the relentless desire for self-improvement is not something that’s forced from the top down but enthusiastically embraced by a highly motivated staff.

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