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US Team Outing 2023
Victoria PotterMar 14, 2023 4:50:41 PM1 min read

Life at ID Comms: Victoria Potter, Global Director of Investment

Being a remote-first company has its benefits. As a mother of two, being remote allows me the flexibility to be more present for my kids. Instead of working a commute into an already-too-busy schedule, I live and work within 5 minutes of my children’s schools. There is no pressure for “showing face” or, as some say, “butts in seats”. 


I am no stranger to the remote-working lifestyle - I have been doing it “long before it was cool,” working remotely for the past 14 years. At the same time, ID Comms is special. Never before in those previous 12 years did I feel as connected to my company and the team as I had in the first six months of my time at ID Comms. Why? Intentionality. ID Comms has embraced the remote-first approach and intentionally builds the company culture to support the team. 


One way we do this is through regional meet-ups. Our US Team recently met in New York where we spent a couple of fun days dedicated to our 3Cs (clients, collaboration, celebration). The highlight of this specific get-together was a cooking class at Hudson Table where we prepared a bistro menu and learned French kitchen techniques. 


This was perfect for our team and complemented our team’s characteristics. Despite some of us meeting in person for the first time, there was no doubt that we would collaborate to deliver a perfect meal culminating in the most delicious chocolate souffle (no easy feat)! No words needed to be spoken as we each stepped in when needed to sweat the onions and make sure the steak was seared to perfection.  


At ID Comms, we believe success is rooted in four core values: We care. We Listen. We Learn. We Improve. We cannot deliver that to our clients until we deliver that for ourselves. As our company continues to expand, it is the people that make the difference in how we deliver on our mission and the fun we have along the way. It is wonderful being part of a company that truly leans into their values, constantly learning and evolving to provide a better experience. This is why we have consistently been labelled a Best Place to Work.



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