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PodPod Tom Denford
ID CommsFeb 22, 20231 min read

ID Comms In the News: Why #MediaSnack Matters

Podcasting has been an integral part of the ID Comms way of working since 2015.



Co-founder Tom Denford was interviewed by PodPod – a new magazine about the art of podcasting from the publishers of Campaign – talking about the thinking behind and development of #MediaSnack.


He spoke to presenter Rhianna Dhillon, editor Adam Shepherd, and editorial director Gideon Spanier about how podcasts have helped develop ID Comms, highlighting three key points:


Firstly, when #MediaSnack started, there was tension between advertisers and agencies. Discussing both sides of view on the podcast stopped people making assumptions about where ID Comms stood and demonstrated that it understood the issues in the round. “I think that if you've got an audience, then maybe you're less vulnerable to criticism,” he told PodPod.


Secondly, #MediaSnack has evolved through the years but having a standard format has helped make #MediaSnack less time intensive for the ID Comms team and helped attract senior interviewees because it gives interviewees (and their internal comms teams) the confidence to appear. “I kind of create the guardrails for the guests to come on with confidence, we get a far better acceptance rate now that we've got a standard format,” he noted.


And he said that being ambitious about guests was great but that you need to build up to the really big names. #MediaSnack has interviewed agency leaders, trade body representatives and a host media directors since it was launched. We’re still hoping to host Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of P&G as our dream guest. “Think about who you want to get to eventually, who is your dream interview, then think of the five people that you'd maybe need to interview on the way there and then work backwards,” he revealed. 


To listen to the story and hear about #MediaSnack’s evolution since 2015, check out this episode from PodPod: Tom Denford: Why B2B podcasts are a key marketing tool.