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Media Buying is Changing
Mark AndrewsJun 11, 20243 min read

Media Buying is Changing, So Must Media Auditing




How a new approach to auditing can drive digital transformation and reinforce media as a lever for growth

A New Era of Media

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, media buying has transformed dramatically. Digital media now represents the largest investment for advertisers, with 69% of total spend being digital. Of that, 70% is dedicated to programmatic advertising.


74% of advertisers plan to increase their digital budgets in the next year. This burgeoning market is projected to become a $1 trillion industry within the next 24 months, with over 80% being addressable media.


Unlike traditional media, where placements are negotiated upfront, today's media is predominantly bought in real-time, leveraging data rather than price or buying scale. Advertisers are now focused on purchasing audiences, not channels or fixed placements, using thousands of sophisticated targeting options beyond basic demographics.


In this context, the concept of a standard price becomes obsolete, especially outside of certain guaranteed or private marketplaces.




Old Tools No Longer Effective 

Despite this shift, many advertisers struggle to evaluate the effectiveness of their digital media channels, often relying on outdated methods suitable for traditional media. Techniques like price benchmarking fail to address the unique challenges of auction-based media, such as poor quality, high levels of fraud, inefficient bidding, and lack of transparency.


For instance, a low CPM in a programmatic buy might seem cost-effective at first glance, but when scrutinized for inventory quality, it could reveal issues like fraud or lack of brand safety. Additionally, performance data might show that these buys did not meet primary and secondary KPIs.


Progressive advertisers recognize that digital media channels are complex and dynamic, necessitating a collaborative and multi-layered approach to media evaluation.


Data by the Truckload

The rapid advancement of digital media has inundated advertisers with an overwhelming amount of data, providing seemingly endless ways of reporting and tracking. Advertisers are faced with a dilemma - how do you effectively harness this wealth of information to drive strategic decision-making and optimize your media investments?


When it comes to gaining control of digital media performance, advertisers can’t afford to wait.


A Framework for Gaining Control

This new age of digital, auction-based media demands a new framework for auditing. We must move beyond simply price benchmarking to a solution that gives real insight into what all this data is actually telling us and that empowers advertisers to make better decisions for better media results.  


At ID Comms, we help advertisers gain control utilizing a simple three-pronged approach:

1. Transparency: Brands must gain full visibility of every dollar, pound or euro spent. Eliminating the “murky supply chain” and “information asymmetry” are crucial for making more informed decisions.


2. Quality: Where your brand shows up matters. Advertisers need ensure their media investments are brand safe, fraud free, highly viewable and high quality. Implementing the right proactive measures and settings to mitigate risk is essential.


3. Optimization: While algorithms handle large volumes of data, their effectiveness depends on the expertise behind them. Proper setup, oversight, and intervention when necessary can significantly enhance media performance.




See Results!

Brands who take control of their digital transparency, quality and optimization will see:

  • Improved transparency and knowledge of their digital media buys, increasing confidence in their media investments.
  • Reduced waste by eliminating fraudulent and poorly targeted media.
  • Enhanced campaign performance, driving incremental value.

For advertisers overwhelmed by data and concerned about losing their competitive edge, focusing on these three categories can yield immediate benefits. Brands that master these areas will gain a significant advantage in the digital media space. 


ID Comms clients are seeing as much as 30% increase in their digital media value! Just from gaining control of these 3 areas. 


You Don’t Have to Go Alone!

Over the past 18 months, we've developed a cutting-edge framework to help advertisers stay ahead in this evolving market.


Digital Control™ from ID Comms is revolutionizing the way brands optimize their digital media investments. Our groundbreaking framework delivers unprecedented insights, value-driven actions, and competitive advantage.




The Time is Now

Advertisers can no longer afford to wait. The industry is at a tipping point where brands that master digital control will outpace their competition. Those who continue to rely on outdated methods risk falling behind. Implementing this new framework is the single most impactful step you can take for your brand's media strategy this year.


Embrace the change and drive your brand's growth with ID Comms. The future of media buying is here, and with the right approach to media auditing, your brand can lead the way.





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