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Suzie RaflaApr 07, 20221 min read

Why Programmatic Media Management Needs a Playbook

Programmatic buying is a fast-evolving ecosystem, with new technology features and investment opportunities emerging daily. It provides exciting possibilities to drive improvement and growth. However, it also requires careful management to ensure that every decision taken has a positive impact on your business.


Media directors are meant to manage media decisions. However, many programmatic media decisions are actually taken on a daily basis by programmatic traders and on a millisecond basis by algorithms. Are you really in control of these important choices?


There are too many decisions for you to sanction each and every one individually, and it would be inefficient to try. So how then can you ensure all teams, individuals and algorithms involved in programmatic buying choose the right solutions for your business? 

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A programmatic playbook is a fundamental starting point. It provides best-in-class standards for advertisers and their agency teams to follow, governing all critical decision making. A playbook enables advertisers to de-risk programmatic buying, ensuring all stakeholders understand programmatic, the value it delivers to your business and your risk tolerance level in different scenarios. 


It guides the micro-decisions made by programmatic trading teams, advertiser teams and algorithms on a day-to-day basis, and aligns everyone behind a common approach. Ultimately, it provides you with confidence that the numerous elements of your programmatic campaigns are optimal for your business, maximizing both efficiency and effectiveness.


A playbook should be bespoke, but there are common topics that should be included, such as programmatic definitions, the role of programmatic, buying standards, measurement frameworks, campaign implementation guidelines and reporting, transparency and governance expectations . Aligning on these key topics and many more will enable you to manage your programmatic operations effectively. 


The best way to actively manage programmatic investment and take control of the numerous system levers is to develop a playbook. So what does best practice programmatic management look like and how can you ensure that your team(s) are set up to succeed?