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Know for sure that every line of your media budget is counted, accountable and optimized.

Media Investments
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Are you getting the most value from your media investments?

Biddable media has never been more important to brand success, and, at the same time, it’s never been more difficult to get right. If you’re like most advertisers, you lack total confidence in your media investments because:

It seems impossible to know how to measure effectiveness
Lack of visibility and control leads to wasted time and money
Data overload can have a crippling, ‘analysis paralysis’ effect
Old, ‘one-size-fits-all’ media auditing frameworks no longer work
Newer frameworks fail to account for drastic shifts in media consumption
Competitors seem to be making strides that you’re missing out on

ID Comms Media Investment program is designed to optimize your media investments and give you both visibility and control over every line of your media budget. Services include:

ValueTrack Audit

Hold your agency accountable to commitments and performance targets.  You get a Now-Next-Future Roadmap that ensures an ongoing successful partnership.

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Digital Control

Untangle and de-risk your biddable media buying through insight and transparency as well as legal and operational safeguards. Know your investment is protected and set for scalable growth.

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Agency Service Evaluation

A 360-degree evaluation with clear scoring, gap analysis and Start-Stop-Continue recommendations. Grow a stronger, more productive relationship with your agency.

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5 Ways a Better Media Audit Can Help Grow Your Brand



Smart brand leaders understand the vital role that media plays in driving brand success. But many often find themselves stuck and uncertain when it comes to understanding the true value of their media investments and knowing what buys will deliver the best results.

In this quick guide, we're sharing how a better media audit could be the key to helping you accurately assess the value of your media investments and confidently navigate the complexities of media buying.

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Are you confident your media investments are positioned for maximum growth? We can help!

numbers-02-green Gain control over every line of your media budget
Gain control over every line of your media budget

Our best-in-class consultants give you full visibility of your media performance and a framework for ongoing accountability and improvement

numbers-03-green Watch your media investments grow your brand
Watch your media investments grow your brand

ID Comms clients see compounding effects of incremental gains on the lasting growth and success of their media investments

You can be confident in the effectiveness of your media investments!

Media auditing has never been more important and at the same time more difficult to get right. The rapidly changing media landscape has left advertisers feeling understandably at a loss for where to even begin. It’s clear that the ‘one-size-fits-all’ models of the past don’t always work in today’s market. So what does work? Where do you begin? What is the right data source? How do you effectively measure media performance?

ID Comms helps advertisers gain visibility and control of their media investments. Our proven methods ensure that every dollar invested in media is counted, accountable, and maximized for the highest possible return. We are dedicated to identifying inefficiencies and waste that can be reinvested into growing your brand, and equipping advertisers with a framework for ongoing improvement. 

Lack of accountability can lead to inefficiencies that negatively impact the value of your media investments. With our help, you will feel a sense of security and confidence that your investments are accountable and positioned to get your brand the best possible results.

ID Comms Media Investments Deliverables:

tick-01 Visibility and control over your media buying processes  
tick-01 Tailored KPIs that can adapt as your brand grows and priorities shift  
tick-01 Ability to take decisive action with your media investments  
tick-01 Identified waste and inefficiencies that can be reinvested into your brand  
tick-01 Ongoing performance management framework to evaluate progression   
tick-01 Confidence that your investments are accountable and positioned to get your brand maximum value