ID Comms Performance Monitor is a suite of proven benchmarking and measurement tools that unlock incremental ROI by driving efficiency, effectiveness and accountability from media investments.

There is no silver bullet for marketing success but brands should seek competitive advantage by committing to a program of continuous incremental improvement in the performance of their media investments over time.

Our belief at ID Comms is that true competitive advantage – through effective and efficient media investments – is delivered through both breakthrough improvements (step-change gains) and incremental improvements (gradual and consistent small steps).

Our Performance Monitor suite is equipped with a focussed set of tools and methodologies brands need to realise such incremental improvements, tailored to a brand’s media improvement requirements.

Each tool provides robust benchmarks of current performance against best-practice, and together with the expertise provided by our media performance subject matter experts, delivers objective, results-focussed and data-driven recommendations based on clear and pragmatic improvement frameworks.

Our tools and methodologies account for local market idiosyncrasies, are relevant to both marketing and procurement stakeholders at a central and local market level, and are proven to release tangible media value improvements in the short and long-term.

All of our tools can work in combination with media capability training to improve media competence within marketing teams – putting theory into practice.

The objectives of the PERFORMANCE MONITOR:

  • Provide benchmarks against best-practice and identify tangible sources of media value improvements.
  • Equip central marketing and procurement teams with the data-driven insights that enable scalable incremental improvements.
  • Provide local markets with relevant insights that can be put into action immediately.
  • Provide a bespoke, fully integrated suite of tools that unlock incremental ROI in the short and long-term.

The questions that the PERFORMANCE MONITOR will address:

  • Am I getting best-practice service quality across my agency landscape?
  • Is our media planning process – from briefing to buying – resulting in cost efficient, highly effective communication strategies?
  • Are we receiving incremental cost and quality advantage versus the market?
  • Is my agency delivering against the digital KPIs that matter most to by business?
  • Are we getting what our agency contract stipulates in a transparent and manner?