Reframing the traditional media audit:
Empowering advertisers to make smarter media investment decisions in the digital age.

Media auditing has barely evolved in more than 30 years. The end result is that the amount of auditable spend has fallen year-on-year as new ways to buy and sell media have developed. 

Modern trading practices such as auctions are enabled through technology and are significantly more sophisticated than the methodologies being used to retrospectively evaluate performance and delivery. 

Progressive and ambitious advertisers should be – and are – demanding more. Media performance auditing needs to be future-facing and, where possible, proactive, using methodologies that can help to inform strategy and optimise media execution. 

We believe that media performance auditing should include all areas of media investment, not just traditional media channels. It’s time to leverage digital data and performance analysis to enable greater accountability for the total media spend.

Our new auditing process provides improved accuracy, faster data gathering and assessment and the provision of greater insight and strategic recommendation within the reporting process, across Off-line Paid Media Value Tracking, Digital Performance Measurement and Total Media Performance Measurement.

Ultimately all media investment should be measured and assessed on: 



Ensuring complete disclosure and full visibility on spend and performance Holding media to account
for delivery of business outcomes
Applying the findings to inform better, more optimised decisions




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Keeping your media investments accountable for delivering business results:

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