7Ts® is a strategic consulting tool developed by ID Comms to substantially improve brand media performance. We have identified the 7 fundamental levers for media growth as Transparency, Training, Talent, Technology, Thinking, Terms, and Trading.

Responding to the most common challenges and aspirations of our clients, the 7Ts allows us to help marketers take control of their media investment with a long-term roadmap for media management improvement. This empowers brands to punch above their weight by outsmarting rather than outspending their competitors.

At its core, the 7Ts diagnostic identifies the most valuable opportunities to substantially increase efficiency and stimulate new sources of success in media. Through promoting best practice, the 7Ts Framework makes your media money work harder so that you can bank savings to improve efficiency or reinvest them to drive further growth.

However, the end benefits extend beyond such immediately quantifiable returns. The 7Ts also helps to establish better relations between internal and external teams, as well as giving media a higher profile in the marketing mix. By making your media more powerful, profitable and accountable, the 7Ts Framework aligns stakeholders behind the reality that media is more than a spend—it is a vital business investment.



Take control of your media by evaluating key areas of your media performance.



Understand your current position, identify key opportunities for improvement, develop a prioritised roadmap, and drive its implementation to monitor ongoing impact.



Receive a detailed analysis of your key documentation, stakeholder surveys and stakeholder interviews in each market.