The 7 media behaviours of successful marketers

A New Strategic Approach for Media

The 7Ts® Framework is a strategic consulting model developed to substantially improve brand media performance.

Responding to the most common concerns and aspirations of our clients, it allows us to help marketers fully understand and take control of their media investment with a long-term roadmap for driving competitive advantage. This enables brands with a challenger mind-set to punch above their weight by outsmarting rather than outspending their competitors.

At its core, the 7Ts Framework identifies the most valuable opportunities to substantially increase efficiency and stimulate new sources of success in media.

Through promoting best practice, the 7Ts Framework makes your media money work up to 30% harder so that you can bank savings to improve efficiency or reinvest them to drive further growth.

However, the end benefits extend beyond such significant savings. The 7Ts Framework also delivers better relations between internal and external teams, as well as giving media a higher profile in the marketing mix.

By making your media more powerful, profitable and accountable, the 7Ts Framework aligns stakeholders behind the reality that media is more than a spend – it is a vital business investment.

“Transparency breeds trust and is therefore the path to highly productive business relationships.”

Transparency looks at understanding the true commercial value of your investment by encouraging an obsession with improved visibility and compliance.

The 7Ts Framework urges an appreciation of the importance of transparency, and considers the level of visibility your brand has over its media investments and the agencies entrusted with them. Greater transparency, particularly in areas such as pricing, process and talent, significantly increases your media value, with improvements being relatively easy to make if you know what to look for.

“Brands that invest in media training will naturally outperform their competitors and view media as a powerful lever for growth.”

Training looks at developing the capabilities and competences of your media team, committing you to a culture of constantly improving skills and building new IP.

The 7Ts Framework considers the proficiencies of your entire media team as they present your brand in the complex and fast-changing media landscape. By evaluating and benchmarking their strengths and weaknesses, we identify the major capability gaps and encourage the necessary investment. This ensures you have the right people with the best training working to give you a real competitive advantage.

“Identifying, organising and motivating the right talent are the greatest challenges to future brand growth.”

Talent looks at organising the right people and processes into an effective structure that efficiently and consistently delivers on your media goals.

The 7Ts Framework recognises talent as a major driver of good media performance, examining your internal and external resources, assessing their relevance, and benchmarking them against your competitors. This highlights where improvements can be made, and helps place suitably skilled people into the appropriate structure to run an efficient, collaborative and transparent process that delivers great results.

“The most successful marketers of the future will both understand the impact of technology on their business and have a strategy for ensuring it adds value rather than complexity.”

Technology looks at deploying technical resources to empower decision making, putting in place the right tools, technology and partnerships to fuel media power.

The 7Ts Framework evaluates how technology can positively transform your operations and effectiveness, while equally importantly identifying areas where it is creating more problems than it solves. In this way we help marketers navigate the increasing complex and ever-evolving range of available digital and data resources to ensure there is a clear strategy for the effective employment of technology.

“Brands have historically undervalued the contribution media thinking makes to business success.”

Thinking looks at creating a culture that inspires and facilitates great ideas that can outperform a strategy of simply buying cheaper media.

The 7Ts Framework assesses the crucial resources and processes that should generate the ideas that deliver the most successful marketing. This helps us identify and overcome weaknesses in your media planning processes, such as agency briefings, strategy development and planning recommendations, that often inhibit the creation of great ideas that are capable of powering business success.

“Agencies incentivised by fair, transparent and motivational terms will be disproportionately invested in achieving a brand’s success.”

Terms looks at leveraging the right terms of business to incentivise strong agency performance through fostering mutual respect and positive working relationships.

Collectively, your terms determine the tone and quality of your supplier relationships, and you should be prepared to pay appropriately for the resources you need. The 7Ts Framework concentrates on the key drivers of agency performance and identifies where your terms adversely impact on your relationship and how you can actively incentivise media performance to protect the value of your media spend.

“Successful brands view media as an investment in business growth rather than as a cost to be managed downwards.”

Trading looks at securing the most advantageous cost and quality positions across your media investment, maximising value from both agencies and vendors.

Competitive pricing and holding agencies and vendors accountable for their promises is fundamental to media performance, and the 7Ts Framework works to ensure you have both these crucial elements. It also explores how value-add areas, media buying models and programmatic buying can bring further advantages, empowering you with all the knowledge and control to make better media decisions.

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