Media processes have struggled to keep pace and it is harder than ever for marketers to make structured strategic decisions about media Inevitably media processes have struggled to keep pace with these changes and it is harder than ever for marketers to make structured strategic decisions about media.

Ambitious marketers realise they need to take a more strategic view of media in their marketing mix and reposition it as an investment for growth rather than a cost

Advertisers need to be equipped to cut through the complexity and focus on what really matters. The 7Ts® framework simplifies all of advertisers concerns and priorities into 7 key areas; Transparency, Training, Talent, Technology, Thinking, Terms and Trading.

These are the 7 areas where we know that most media value is created, lost or hidden. Collectively they are the most critical levers a marketer can control to improve media performance and so they offer the greatest opportunity to maximise media effectiveness.



MediaScore, informs decision making by providing brands with an understanding of how their media is currently performing, highlighting risks to media value and prioritising opportunities for improvement.



To calculate your MediaScore, ID Comms analyses 7 key areas of media operations, gathering insights from internal stakeholders, external agency stakeholders and through analysis of a range of media data sources. 



Your MediaScore is delivered alongside a comprehensive report, showing your benchmark against industry best practice. The report demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of your media operations and provides a roadmap for media management improvement.

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