Once you’ve secured the right agency resource, you need to make sure your teams are working with the agency in the right way. ID Comms provides a suite of Agency Management tools and techniques for advertisers designed to maximise productivity and value from media agency relationships.

Managing a media agency involves many people administering complex processes. If you’ve identified the right agency for your requirements, agreed on the scope and payment models and signed the contract, this is just the beginning. Now you need to make the model work to deliver the business results agreed while also making sure no value is lost through inefficient process or confusion.

Achieving media excellence relies on all stakeholders defining and understanding the best ways of working together and providing the checks and balances needed to ensure that the company’s media investments are being managed, from end to end, in the right ways.

We provide brands with a range of tools and techniques that will quickly get your media agency operating productively and adding value. These are tried and tested methods that short cut a lot of the delays in the early days of a new agency relationship. They can also be used to provide additional clarity and more modern work practices for your existing agency.

Our comprehensive suite of tools, templates and techniques includes; agency on-boarding processes, integration of the agency’s planning processes into your planning cycles and methods, financial management processes (such as PO issue, approvals, budget release etc.), standardised briefing templates and evaluation methods plus KPI tracking and post-campaign reporting.

Once aligned, we customise all these assets to your business needs and then document all processes, templates, resources and methodologies into a bespoke Media Playbook. This is shared with all relevant stakeholders and defines all the important processes, tools, metrics and templates to be used in daily operation of media planning and buying.

Having ID Comms efficiently document best-practice processes allows your teams and your agency resource to focus on their day jobs from the start and quickly begin working in an aligned and seamless way that drives business growth.

The objectives of the AGENCY MANAGEMENT service:

  • Minimising the disruption during agency on-boarding, allowing good work to start quickly;
  • Taking the guess work out of managing the agency relationship in the early days by facilitating quick alignment;
  • Identify all the relevant processes and tools to be used in the agency relationship and align these with client existing processes;
  • Provide a ‘quick start’ to the agency relationship by documenting all agreed processes, research, tools and templates; and
  • Align all stakeholders on both sides to a ways of working, fuelling productivity.

The questions that the AGENCY MANAGEMENT service will address:

  • How do we integrate the agency into our processes without suffocating their ways of working?
  • How do we make sure all teams on both sides are fully aligned and understand the process?
  • How to we minimise value loss in the early days of a new agency relationship?
  • What is the best way to on-board the agency with our brands?
  • How do we get our internal teams exposed to the agency process and understand how to work with them in the most productive ways?