A best-in-class media agency pitch process designed to identify best-fit agency partners and maximise media value.

Contracts with external agencies are often worth many millions of dollars in fees and carry responsibility for many more millions of dollars in media investments. Identifying the right agency supplier to work with is an important decision for marketers.

Agency tender / pitch processes are notoriously flawed, usually because the processes are not clear and the evaluation methodology and brief to the agency are not sufficiently considered before starting the process. Increasingly, the quality of agency resource (talent), ideas and innovation (including their technology and tools) are the determinants of agency selection. Alongside this, marketers want to be assured of the agency’s media buying capabilities and access to competitive pricing.

The award of these considerable contracts is usually evaluated and determined by a group of client stakeholders who need to be aligned to make the decisions required to cut an agency list down to an eventual winner. These decisions must be made upon an agreed set of criteria and an accountable and transparent evaluation methodology.

The briefing to the agency must be clear and detail the requirements of the client, it should also be clear to the agency what is required to win the pitch by sharing objectives and evaluation criteria and being transparent about the stakeholders’ decision-making processes.

A pitch process is complex, often lasting many months and requiring management of multiple stakeholders on both client and agency side. It needs high-quality project management discipline and resources. ID Comms has managed many billions of dollars worth of agency pitches and has developed a best-practice process that delivers clear briefing, objective evaluations and transparent decision-making.

“You have helped Novartis put our best foot forward, this review was best in class. ID Comms’ set the vision up brilliantly and lead the process with high quality material throughout the review. We are delighted to have exceeded our cost and quality ambitions in media”

Sharon Spina, Global Head of Procurement,
Novartis ($600m global media agency consolidation)

“This is the best pitch in terms of briefing materials, process and feedback that I have ever been involved with”

Global Head of Business Development, media agency


Objectives of Media Agency Pitch:

  • To stress test participating agencies in key areas (Talent, Thinking, Technology, Transparency and Trading)
  • To secure the best-fit agency resource based on client requirements and ensure all stakeholders are aligned to the decision.
  • To maximize the opportunities to find incremental value from media investments
  • To manage a highly accountable process that meets the highest standards of corporate governance in keeping with the size of the contract award.
  • To have agencies happy that the process was run fairly and transparently and that win or lose they regard the process as valuable.

ID Comms will provide you with:

  • A detailed, tailored agency pitch process
  • Preparation of agency briefing materials
  • Logistics planning
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Decision-making facilitation
  • Communications planning (internal and external)
  • Best-practice templates and materials
  • Dedicated project management resource
  • Dedicated account leadership

The questions that the Media Agency Pitch process will address:

  • How do we identify the best agency for our needs?
  • How can we ensure all relevant internal stakeholders can participate in a disciplined way and that we find consensus and alignment with objectivity?
  • How can we minimize the disruption of a media agency pitch to our daily business?
  • What are the key components of a media agency pitch?
  • How long should a pitch take?
  • How do we make sure that media agencies see our pitch as a priority and put forward the best talent?
  • How do we maximize the opportunity to improve value creation from our budgets?
  • What are the benefits of consolidating media agencies to fewer suppliers, either regionally or globally?

Often Media Agency Pitch is accompanied by Scope of Work and Remuneration Models.