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who wants to be a media ceo
Nadia Shchipitsyna Oct 20, 2017 5:52:00 AM 2 min read

Who Wants To Be A Media CEO?

On this episode of #MediaSnack we look at the sudden wave of CEOs departing UK media agencies, 4 big names in one week left their respective media leadership positions.

All 4 of the stories seemed to be exclusives to the team at Campaign, links below. What's causing this rush to depart/escape/fire [delete as appropriate]? 

There may be something in the water, its a good time of year for change of leadership as it allows new blood to impact the next calendar year's planning. But why are the rates of churn amongst agency CEO's increasing and why are the average tenures of agency CEOs decreasing in both London and New York?

We consider what is it that makes the media agency CEO job so tough these days and what kinds of skills might be required of the future media agency leadership.

'Its Time For a Change of the Guard at Media Agencies' (Oct 2016)

On this week's Good Week/Bad Week we think that its a good week for the UK media industry (despite the leadership losses) as two of the UK's major advertisers launch reviews of their media activity: The UK Government's £150m media investment (currently with Dentsu Aegis in the UK) and SKY's £400m media investment (currently with Mediacom in the UK) will stress test agency capability in Q1 2018, just in time for new agency to prove their mettle. Both pitches have been launched with clear messages of change and demanding greater accountability from media agencies.

Further reading:

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Tracy De Groose from CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network

Paul Frampton CEO of Havas Media

Pippa Glucklich, CEO of Starcom

Nikki Mendonca, CEO OMD

Good Week:

UK Government Media Review

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Bad Week:



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