Expert media consulting products that help companies define strategies for media investment and the role for media in driving business growth.

There is huge pressure for marketing investments to work ever harder. Senior marketers therefore have to continually look for opportunities to improve the performance of every resource.

Getting the best media performance requires you to have a strategy for the business that defines how you approach your media investments. That could include defining the scope of global partnerships with tech vendors, setting basic threshold weights for a TV campaign or defining what is considered a viewable impression.

Having good strategy in place ensures that your teams responsible for briefing, managing and evaluating paid, owned and earned media know the framework they operate in and can deliver better quality, more consistently over time.

Our strategic consulting products are designed to answer the big questions for a marketing teams facing the challenges of a digitised marketplace, gaps in internal marketing capabilities and coping with the rapid pace of change.

The objectives of the STRATEGIC CONSULTING service:

  • To view media as an investment for growth rather than a cost to the business;
  • To define the right balance between Paid, Owned and Earned media investment;
  • To define the role media plays in today’s high performance media mix;
  • To create a business case for marketing transformation around media;
  • To raise capabilities internally through bespoke coaching and training programmes;
  • To frame the challenges of media success / failure for a company’s senior management stakeholders; and
  • To bridge the knowledge divide between finance, procurement and marketing.

The questions that the STRATEGIC CONSULTING service will address:

  • Media is complex, where should we start if we want to be better?
  • How should we manage our large media spend?
  • How do we know what to spend and what works?
  • Should we be spending more or less in paid media?
  • What does competitive advantage in media look like?
  • How do we compare to other brands in our category and best-practice?
  • Why do we invest in media and what should we expect to get from our investments?
  • How should we structure marketing teams in the digital media age?