A proven, best-practice consulting process designed to define stakeholder teams, roles and responsibilities and align everyone to the same media investment strategies and KPIs.

There are now more stakeholders involved in big media decisions. As companies adapt their working practices, keeping stakeholders from different parts of the company aligned is critical to success. This is important where long-term strategic decisions need to be taken about a company’s significant media investments.

Many of our clients are complex, multi-national businesses. Often they are also multi-divisional businesses with intricate internal stakeholder matrices. To implement new processes and approaches for media governance typically requires input and alignment from a large number of people across the company. To be effective at implementing any change requires good organisation, clearly defined opportunities to meet and align and efficient use of people’s time to invest productively in the process.

Our Stakeholder Alignment products consist of tried and tested consulting processes and tools to facilitate flawless stakeholder management and alignment.

The objectives of the STAKEHOLDER ALIGNMENT service:

  • A clear process for securing alignment of decision makers;
  • To give senior business stakeholders / executive sponsors the reassurance they need to proceed with and champion important change projects;
  • Avoiding subjectivity in decision making and focusing on the business interest;
  • Being able to go to market externally (for example launching a media agency pitch process) with a clear, consistent strategy and an aligned picture of what success looks like for different parts of the business;
  • Aligning marketing & procurement teams; and
  • Aligning global / regional / local teams.

The questions that the STAKEHOLDER ALIGNMENT service will address:

  • How do I keep my stakeholder team aligned across a big decision?
  • We are a complex business, aligning senior people is impossible, how do we do it?
  • How do we get marketing and procurement to work better together?
  • As a procurement expert, how can I better support my marketing colleagues?
  • As a marketer, how should I bring procurement into conversations about media investments?