Diagnostic assessment of a client’s current media management capabilities, competence and processes to identify immediate opportunities for improvement in performance.

The first step in implementing best-practice media governance is to understand what you currently have in place and if your resources and processes are fit for purpose in the digital age.

Our Situation Analysis products are designed to allow ID Comms consultants to perform a rigorous assessment of your current media management capabilities.

The output of these products will help you as marketers and procurement leaders take decisions about how to upgrade your media capabilities and where to invest to protect and grow media value.

Situation Analysis products cover both digital media capabilities and traditional media capabilities, allowing clients to understand where the gaps and risks exist in their current media management resources and help them to prioritise their resources.

Situation Analysis is performed against a proprietary 45-point, best-practice checklist evaluation – the key areas that are indicators of strong media management performance and are the biggest media value drivers.

The objectives of the SITUATION ANALYSIS service:

  • To assess a company’s internal media management capabilities and process;
  • To provide a benchmark against industry best-practice;
  • To asses the quality of a marketer’s external media agency arrangements; and
  • To identify any risks to media value delivery and provide recommendations for mitigating those risks.

The questions that the SITUATION ANALYSIS service will address:

  • How do we compare at managing media versus our competitors and peers?
  • How good are our agency contracts, arrangements and agreements?
  • What improvements should we be focusing on this year?
  • Where should we prioritise our limited resources to get most media value?
  • How does our governance / process for media stand up against best-practice?
  • Are there any clear risks to our media value that we should address?