Tools and processes to help brands set the right goals and KPIs for media success and ensure agency resources are aligned to these KPIs.

“What gets measured gets done.”

If you’ve ever heard that adage then you’ll understand how important it is to set the right objectives and KPIs for any investment you make in marketing.

As companies balance finite resources with demands for strong marketing performance, so the need to focus those resources efficiently becomes more important. Setting the right KPIs for media investment is critical when dealing with a complex supply chain of agencies and media vendors.

Our Objective and KPI setting products are designed to set the right parameters for everyone involved in media investment and identify what will be measured and how to measure it.

These need to be considered as part of a strategic media governance approach. In a digital age when “everything can be measured”, setting realistic priorities for metrics can focus all stakeholders to be pulling in the same direction and working as an aligned team. This in turn makes all media investment work harder and delivers better value on every dollar.

The objectives of the OBJECTIVES & KPIs service:

  • Equip marketers with a simple and practical framework against which to set specific objectives;
  • Identify a small number of consistent and salient measures, some immediate and some long-term;
  • Identify the main deliverables for external agency partners;
  • Identify a framework for measurement sources and data management strategy;
  • Establish common aligned language around KPIs across different stakeholder groups; and
  • Allow for comparisons against relevant best-in-class peers and other benchmarks.

The questions that the OBJECTIVES & KPIs service will address:

  • What KPIs should we be using for media?
  • How do we prioritise the hundreds of different media metrics and data sources?
  • How should we link agency performance to income using these KPIs?
  • How do we detail what we need from our media agency?
  • How do we hold the agency’s service delivery to account?
  • How do we know who is working on our account at the agency?
  • What should we be paying our agencies?
  • What tools, systems and technology do we need to be buying from the agency and what should we be paying for?