Defining the needs for external agency resources and finding the perfect agency partners for your business requirements.

Finding the right external agency resource is one of the biggest decisions any marketing and procurement team will make. Like any big decision it requires a structured and objective approach to ensure that the right decision is taken for the company and that it suits the needs of all internal stakeholders.

Our Agency Selection products consist of market-leading consulting processes and tools to support brands in making these big decisions and securing high-quality relationships with the right agencies.

These include sophisticated agency pitch management processes and comprehensive media agency databases that take the guesswork and subjectivity out of creating agency shortlists.

Media agency pitches carry a lot of risk because they can be highly distracting for both the client and the agency. It is therefore important to run an efficient and effective tender process, which creates the least disruption to daily marketing operations.

Today’s media agencies are complex businesses and so the process of running a pitch needs careful consideration, full stakeholder alignment and clear objectives before starting. Participating agencies need to be stress tested in the right ways and held to account for the promises they make in the pitch process.

The objectives of the AGENCY SELECTION service:

  • Secure the best fit agency based on client requirements;
  • Ensure all stakeholders are aligned with the decision;
  • Secure competitive commercial offers from competing agencies;
  • Manage a highly accountable process, designed to stand up to close scrutiny of corporate governance;
  • Ensure the process was run fairly and transparently;
  • To allow simple access to agency information to support pitch short-listing; and
  • To access basic agency information without having to implement a full RFI process ahead of a pitch.

The questions that the AGENCY SELECTION service will address:

  • How do we identify the right agency resource for us?
  • How can we maximise the commercial opportunities in a media agency pitch?
  • How do we secure the right talent?
  • Agency pitches are a big distraction, how can we just focus on the critical decision making and avoid the administrative burden?
  • When is the right time to call a media agency pitch?
  • What does the best-practice agency pitch look like?
  • How do we make sure we run the most competitive pitch?
  • How do we maintain objectivity and transparency in this important decision?
  • Where are different agencies stronger and weaker in different regions globally?
  • Which agencies currently work for our major competitors?