ID Comms consultants are highly-experienced international media experts, not afraid to have a point of view and share ideas with others. We come from diverse specialist backgrounds including creative, media, digital, strategy, brand management and procurement and so we make very good guest speakers at industry conferences and marketing meetings.

We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate; developing new approaches and techniques to improve marketing performance. This means we can provide valuable inspiration and stimulus to marketing, media and procurement conferences tackling the bigger marketing challenges.

We have a valuable perspective from working closely with all sides of the media value chain; marketing, procurement, agencies and auditors. Our presentation approach is engaging, rooted in senior agency, client and consulting experience and brought to life with relevant, candid and actionable anecdote.

Some of our recent notable speaking engagements include:

  • Festival of Media Global - Rome, Italy
  • Festival of Media MENA - Dubai, UAE
  • ANA Media Conference - New York, USA
  • ISBA Annual Conference - London, UK
  • Adidas Global Media Conference - Athens, Greece
  • Mobile World Congress - Barcelona, Spain
  • Starcom MediaVest Group Global CEO's conference - Chicago, USA
  • Carat Business Development Summit - Warsaw, Poland
  • Social Media World Forum - London, UK
  • Havas Media Global CEO's conference - Istanbul, Turkey
  • University of Greenwich Marketing Masters - London, UK
  • Nokia Media Network Middle East - Dubai, UAE
  • Columbus Media Global Conference - Turin, Italy
  • ISBA Procurement Group - London, UK
  • IAA Global Apprentice Conference - Dubai, UAE
  • Advertising Week Europe - London, UK
  • IPA / ISBA "Good Pitch Week" - London, UK
  • ANFO Conference & Awards - Oslo, Norway
  • ISBA Digital Action Group, London, UK
  • WFA / Unilever Remuneration Conference - London, UK
  • ISBA Media Training Day - London, UK
  • WFA Media Forum - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • OMD Business Development Conference - Marbella, Spain
  • IAA's PAC training - Oxford University, UK
  • ISBA Compag conference, London, UK
  • AB InBev Global Media Training, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Client Media Training, Shanghai

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