An aspirational leadership programme for senior marketers created by a highly experienced media consultant team, designed to keep them informed, fresh, empowered and effective.

Media is becoming more complex and marketers frequently have to make important decisions about media, without always having the full picture. It doesn’t help that innovations in media, especially in social channels and automated media buying are accelerating fast.

ID Comms will provide you with a tailored, discreet leadership programme to arm you with the knowledge, competencies and confidence you need to lead your teams and organisation towards media excellence and ensure that the media agencies you work with are focusing their efforts in the most important areas.

“ID Comms really know what they’re talking about, you will struggle to find more rounded media expertise to give you the knowledge you need to be a better marketer”

Senior Brand VP, Technology


Objectives of Senior Marketer Coaching:

  • To identify the levers for media success;
  • To help stakeholders set meaningful personal targets for media;
  • To simplify the complex media landscape;
  • To help marketers understand and navigate the media agency eco-system;
  • To understand the media value chain and where money is created, lost and hidden;
  • Knowing who to trust and when to seek a second opinion; and
  • To help Senior Marketers present themselves with confidence internally and to the media agency.

ID Comms will provide you with:

  • A dedicated media mentor (only the most senior ID Comms consultants);
  • A tailored programme of learning bespoke to your needs;
  • Complete confidentiality at all times;
  • Regular briefings on what you actually need to know about; and.
  • Jargon-busting on media innovations, buzzwords and new terminology.

The questions that Senior Marketer Coaching will address:

  • How can I be a more successful and effective marketing professional?
  • How do I learn what I need to know about media when it’s so complex?
  • Who can I ask silly questions to without feeling silly?
  • What should I prioritise and focus on?
  • How should I present myself to my agencies?
  • Are there any magic secrets to unlocking better agency performance?
  • How should I treat the agency, what’s most effective?
  • How can I be a marketing generalist when things are so technical?
  • How do I separate the jargon and buzzwords from what is actually important and useful?
  • How do I differentiate passing fads from future-defining innovations?


Further Reading:

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