A structured, template-driven approach to drafting comprehensive Scope of Work documents for media agencies.

Creating a detailed and robust Scope of Work is critical to any media agency negotiation or renegotiation. The Scope of Work forms the basis upon which the agency will make their commercial proposal of resource to deliver that scope. Getting the Scope of Work right means that your agency will be resourced in the right areas to deliver the business critical activities that will improve business growth.

The Media Scope of Work also acts as a benchmark for agency performance and service delivery. You need to assess this on a periodic basis (recommended six monthly) to ensure that all aspects are being delivered to a satisfactory standard by sufficient quality resource and with sufficient levels of service.

“We needed better clarity on what agency resource we were paging for, rightly the agency asked for a detailed scope of work so they could allocate the right resource and give us a transparent commercial proposal based on the people we needed. ID Comms Media Scope of Work templates allowed us to quickly capture and align on the needs and priorities we had for agency resources”

Global Media Procurement, Travel category


Objectives of Media Scope of Work:

  • Clearly articulate the resource and service delivery requirements for the agency;
  • Represent the activities, targets and ambitions on a global and regional level (if required);
  • Provide realistic measurement tools and tolerances to the Scope of Work to allow on-going measurement and quality assurance;
  • Present robust evaluation data to allow agency performance income to be calculated as part of a performance-based remuneration model, should that be applicable; and
  • Provide a Scope of Work long-list that brands can pick and choose from to suit the desired requirements and activities that agencies must deliver as part of their contract.

ID Comms will provide you with:

  • Industry leading Media Scope of Work template supported by detailed guidelines for completion; or;
  • If required, a facilitated stakeholder workshop to define the key areas of scope and create workstreams for Scope of Work development; and
  • Review of final Media Scope of Work documents.

The questions that the Media Scope of Work will address:

  • How do we detail what we need from our media agency?
  • How do we hold the agency’s service delivery to account?
  • How do we know who is working on our account at the agency?
  • What should we be paying the agency?
  • What tools, systems and technology do we need to be buying from the agency and what should we be paying for?