Agency PRIP Manager™ is an end-to-end design, implementation and management programme for your agency performance-based remuneration model that aligns client goals with agency incentives.

With an ever-increasing focus on holding marketing spend – and agencies – accountable for business performance, it is no surprise that performance-based agency remuneration models are becoming more prevalent.

Based on our deep client and agency-side experience, ID Comms Agency PRIP Manager™ helps alleviate the complexity of constructing and managing your agencies’ PRIP model by aligning both parties around mutually beneficial objectives.

We construct a transparent, incentive-based commercial model that reinforces excellence across business-critical KPIs through a fully managed process. Our Agency PRIP Manager™ model helps identify, implement then manage your optimal PRIP model to extract ROI, performance, service quality and innovation from your agency partnerships.



Objectives of Agency PRIP Manager™:

  • Align business, brand, media and digital objectives with agency performance incentives;
  • Establish a mutually beneficial, self-sustaining commercial framework between client and agency;
  • Align client and agency stakeholders across different disciplines around the correct quantitative and qualitative metrics to drive the right behaviours; and
  • Create flexibility within a structured framework to achieve global consistency whilst allowing for local market adaptability.

ID Comms will provide you with:

A fully managed service that eliminates the complexity and subjectivity of administering a PRIP, involving:

  • Expert assessment of your existing agency remuneration model;
  • KPI Selection Framework to help prioritise your own Business, Marketing, Media and Digital needs;
  • Bespoke PRIP design service to align client objectives with agency incentives;
  • Integration of remuneration model with existing – or new – commercial agreements;
  • Provision of qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies across planning, buying and service quality;
  • PRIP forecasting and reconciliation service aligned with internal finance and procurement processes; and
  • Dashboard reporting for client and agency.

The questions that the Agency PRIP Manager™ process will address:

  • How should I structure my agency’s performance targets to incentivise best practice?
  • What KPIs should I select, and how should I weight them, to incentivise my agency to go “above and beyond”?
  • What are the optimal KPIs to hold my media agency accountable for business and brand results, not only media performance?
  • How can I reward media value, service, Innovation and business performance, not just lowest possible price?
  • How can I ensure agency buy-in and ongoing transparency and objectivity in my agency’s remuneration model?


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