An ID Comms proprietary framework that applies industry best-practice and expertise to the four key stages of media planning performance: Agency Briefing, Strategy & Rationale, Media Plan and Post-Campaign Analysis.

Delivering high quality media briefs and ensuring that media agency strategies and plans are optimised to business objectives is a critical function for marketing teams. However, many organisations lack the resources, capability, expertise or time to create high-quality media briefs or to properly interrogate media agency recommendations and plans. The ID Comms Planning Performance Monitor™ is a comprehensive assessment framework that leverages ID Comms knowledge and understanding of industry best-practice at every stage of the strategic planning process: Agency Briefing, Strategy & Rationale, Media Planing and Post-Campaign Analysis.

“Thank you for you continued support and input, it has been very valuable to us. Your best practice guidelines and clear recommendations have enabled us to positively challenge the media agency, helping us to increase the effectiveness of our media spend at a time when budgets are under huge pressure. ”

Marketing Director, Sandoz Russia

Objectives of Planning Performance Monitor™:

  • Support marketing teams to create high quality briefs and evaluate the quality of media agency strategic recommendations;
  • Ensure all media planning is being made in compliance with “implementational guidelines” and planning principles;
  • Provide an early warning / stage-gate system that quickly rejects incomplete briefing, strategy or planning work;
  • Keeps agencies within the guard-rails;
  • Reduce likelihood of agency “Planning the Buy” to meet volume obligations or rebate thresholds;
  • Remove the laborious admin of checking media plans against basic hygiene factors and requirements;
  • Deliver clear, structured, action-focused evaluation responses;
  • Reduce timelines and go-to-market by streamlining planning evaluation, focusing feedback to agencies and expediting plan sign offs; and
  • Take responsibility for monitoring basic planning compliance and quality control.

ID Comms will provide you with:

  • Well-structured guidance on your written briefs to ensure they meet quality and content standards;
  • A checklist of compliance to briefing template and protocols;
  • Assessment of agency planning outputs (strategy, rationale, media plans and post campaign analysis) – customised to client organisation and process;
  • Specific direction on agency rebriefing (if required);
  • Graded scorecards indicating what meets or fails against agreed planning principles and quality standards; and
  • Expert SME advice on the opportunities for improvement in planning.

The questions that Planning Performance Monitor™ will address:

  • How can I be sure that I am providing the right direction to our media agency and enabling them to do their best work?
  • How well is the agency planning against our brief?
  • How can we make better decisions on media, in more focused ways?
  • How can I understand if our media plans are being influenced, for example by the agency’s trading commitments to certain media vendors?
  • We have so many plans and documents to review, how can I make sure that we are complying with the major planning principles across all of our plans?
  • How can we save time or make our judgment / evaluation / approval process more efficient?