MediaReadiness™ evaluates and benchmarks current media management capabilities and processes for marketers.

With the media market in constant flux, it’s vital that you secure a “high-status” relationship with your media agency. Doing so puts you at the top table within an agency group and ensures access to improved media value delivery including incremental media discounts, access to the best agency talent and first look at media innovations that drive effectiveness. MediaReadiness™ is a proprietary 45-item diagnostic process designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of your company’s media management capabilities. It will benchmark your results against industry best-practice to give you a clear indication of where improvements can be made to boost the performance of your media investments.

“ID Comms MediaReadiness™ gave us, for the first time, a very clear picture of how good we were at managing media internally. Their benchmark approach is really helpful. The report helped us devise a strategy for improvement and prioritised the actions we then took to become a great client for the media agency”

European Marketing Director, FMCG


Objectives of MediaReadiness™:

  • To assess a company’s internal media management capabilities and process;
  • To provide a benchmark against industry best-practice;
  • To asses the quality of a marketer’s external media agency arrangements; and
  • To identify any risks to media value delivery and provide recommendations for mitigating those risks.

ID Comms will provide you with:

A comprehensive report covering a 45-item analysis conducted by one of ID Comms’ experienced media consultants.

A written MediaReadiness™ report graded and prioritised to let you easily action the ‘quick wins’ and then plan for longer-term improvements and any change management that is required.

The questions that MediaReadiness™ will address:

  • How do we compare with our competitors and peers?
  • What improvements should we be focusing on this year?
  • How does our governance / process for media stand up against best-practice?
  • How good are our agency arrangements and agreements?
  • Are there any clear risks to our media value that we should address?

Often MediaReadiness™ is accompanied by an analysis of your media buying rates, including media pricing and media inflation.