A flexible, modular training system for marketers and procurement, from first steps right up to advanced techniques.

It is becoming increasingly important for marketers to have a competent understanding of media principles, terminology, trends and agencies.

As more stakeholders become involved in media investment decisions, it can be very helpful if everyone internally has at least a basic understanding of the media landscape, where value is created, lost and hidden in the complex media supply chain.

There has been a rapid rate of innovation in media, especially in social channels and automated media buying, so making sure you have the right skills and knowledge within your teams is vital to gaining competitive advantage in media.

ID Comms offers a comprehensive media capabilities and training programme for marketing and procurement teams to arm them with the knowledge, competences and confidence they need to lead their teams and organisations in media excellence.

It can be as simple as a one-hour Media Introduction through to a week-long residential media boot-camp and everything in between.

"We have invested in a comprehensive media training schedule for our marketing and procurement leaders. This keeps us ahead of the curve in media thinking and makes media a more prominent part of our marketing decisions. ID Comms provided us with a bespoke training agenda and adapted their best practice materials to integrate with our own internal processes, which makes it hyper-relevant for our teams and easy to implement. "

Global Media Director, FMCG


Objectives of Media Excellence Training:

  • To provide efficient, up-to-date and engaging learning experiences for ambitious marketers and procurement professionals;
  • To raise capabilities and skills in specific media techniques;
  • To provide clarity on the media landscape, key players and trends;
  • To assess skills pre and post training to measure personal development.

ID Comms will provide you with:

  • A modular learning programme or one-off training session;
  • A dedicated training manager (ID Comms consultant);
  • A tailored programme of learning bespoke to your needs; and
  • Materials customised to your requirements / brand identity.



Further Reading:

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