A strategic consulting approach to guiding ambitious companies through the structured change required to get ahead of the curve and become sophisticated digital marketers.

ID Comms has proven Media Change Management experience and will guide your marketing organisations through the complexity of change, helping reconfigure marketing resources into a structure that allows you to be faster, leaner and more effective. This involves a combination of defining clear change strategies and experienced project / change management resource to facilitate change whilst minimising disruption.

How and where brands engage with consumers is now often more important than a brand’s message. The change requires you to shift your marketing communications focus from being brand-centric (developing messages about the product and then distributing them through media channels) to being consumer-centric (understanding consumer’s needs, motivations and behaviours and then tailoring messaging around the most relevant opportunities to connect).

This is a radical change and it shifts media from understanding where and how brands engage with consumers to a much earlier position in the marketing communications process.

To succeed in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) you need to understand that consumer needs, motivations and media behaviours are hugely influential in developing early stage marketing plans. This gives you a huge opportunity to gain competitive advantage over rival brands by connecting with consumers at the most relevant and appropriate times and places.

At the same time, the definition of “media” is broadening as the boundaries between traditional marketing silos are blurred or broken; media now includes not just paid media placements but careful management and integration of owned channels and earned media impressions. On top of this, media discipline needs to influence and collaborate with other marketing disciplines such as customer relationship management, e-Commerce, data management and content development.

All change management approaches must be grounded in commercial reality, so all of our projects include supporting your organisation to prepare a business case that considers the cost of change and disruption as well as the risks present in implementing any change.

Most marketing organisations have had to adapt to change in recent years. Their long-term competitive performance is now hugely dependent on their ability to effectively plan and adapt to the new rules of media engagement.

“We faced a tough decision about where media sat in our marketing community, what we had was certainly fit for purpose many years ago but since then we hadn’t adapted to think in terms of Paid, Owned and Earned media and we certainly hadn’t given media much of a voice in the IMC process. ID Comms helped us prepare the business case for change, design the strategy for the business and then came with a very detailed plan to implement that change. They project managed the whole process brilliantly”

VP, Marketing, FMCG business


Objectives of Media Change Management:

  • To help marketing leaders frame the challenge and define the right strategies for marketing and media success;
  • To clearly articulate the opportunity and rationale for change;
  • To guide and support marketing organisations through change at an appropriate pace;
  • To create more cohesion across the marketing community by “adapting together” and (where required) involving stakeholders in defining the future; and
  • To develop internal communication plans, managing key internal stakeholders through the change and maintain alignment across the marketing and procurement community.

ID Comms will provide you with:

  • A business case / report / presentation for executive stakeholders (typically driven by MediaReadiness™ investigations) of the proposed strategy;
  • A project plan to develop insight, strategy and action plan for adapting the business;
  • An internal communications plan for managing expectations and aligning stakeholders;
  • A detailed Project Management programme for change management / delivery; and
  • High-touch consultant and project management support throughout the process.

The questions that the Media Change Management process will address:

  • How can we evolve our marketing department to be “future proof”?
  • How do we ensure Marketing is better integrated with other parts of our business like e-Commerce, data management and CRM?
  • How do we bring in media expertise earlier in our IMC process?
  • Our marketing department structure doesn’t reflect the real world anymore, how should we change?
  • How do we move from being a brand-centric to consumer-centric marketing community?