Expert consulting products that help companies establish marketing operations within the organisation to drive improved marketing management.

Today, Marketing Operations has emerged due to the need for a more transparent, efficient and accountable view of marketing and media, coupled with huge pressure from senior management regarding marketing investments and performance management.

Success in your marketing operations requires you to have strong practices and knowledge of the different functions within media and marketing including being able to define roles and responsibilities, establishing standard processes and routines, regular and intelligent management reporting, and training and development programmes to upskill internal talent. Effective Marketing Operations is all about making sure the best systems, processes and tools are in place for optimum delivery of media and marketing functions.



  • To create a business case for marketing operations;
  • To define the role that marketing operations plays in the organisation;
  • To set up standard monthly management, reporting and routines;
  • To raise capabilities internally through coaching and training programmes;
  • To ensure the right systems, processes and tools are in place to support marketing.

The questions that the INTERNAL MARKETING OPERATIONS CONSULTING service will address:

  • Where do we start to set up Marketing Operations within our organisation?
  • How do we organise, structure teams, and define roles and responsibilities?
  • How do we establish standard business processes that incorporate principles for operations?
  • How should we manage our marketing and media spending?
  • What does competitive advantage in operations look like?
  • How do we compare best-practices?