A strategic consulting approach to guiding ambitious companies through the structured change required to become sophisticated digital marketers.

The greatest disruptive force in marketing has been the digital revolution and the need for careful Digital Transformation is an essential ingredient to marketing success.

With this disruptive force has come huge opportunities for improvements in the speed to market, as well as the chance to gain powerful new insights driven by access to vast data streams.

Digital Transformation impacts in a number of key marketing areas, namely:

  • Buying media in highly efficient, automated ways using technology (e.g. programmatic and Real Time Bidding);
  • Setting the right KPIs for digital as part of the marketing mix;
  • Establishing aligned approaches for measuring KPI delivery;
  • Defining parameters for quality measures in paid media, such as viewability of ads served;
  • Defining what types of agency resources are required to deliver objectives;
  • Revised agency scope of work to include new digital requirements and KPIs;
  • Adapting to best-practice processes for briefing external agencies to reflect new KPIs;
  • Considering Owned, Earned and Paid media assets together; and
  • Breaking down the traditional marketing silos to make sure all disciplines are digital-centric…

ID Comms can help you manage digital media effectively as part of an integrated approach. We have many years’ experience of helping marketing organisations embrace new processes and practices.

The ID Comms Digital Transformation approach for marketers helps you simplify your strategies for integrated marketing communications. We help companies see, plan and adapt for the changes being driven by technological advances and innovations in the way consumers engage with brands.

“All businesses should be considering how to organise themselves (not just their marketing) to maximise the opportunity that technology brings to improve performance. ID Comms helped us understand what is important, what we should be measuring and how to get the best performance out of our agency partners to be really smart at digital without getting distracted by the shiny new things. ”

Marketing Director, retail business


Objectives of Digital Transformation:

  • To help marketers finally make sense of digital media by applying simple organising principles;
  • To identify the right opportunities in Programmatic / RTB buying approaches and define the relevant strategies for brands;
  • To provide a framework for innovation that keeps all stakeholders focused on relevant opportunities, ensuring digital investment decisions can made with confidence;
  • To help define a set of easily understood KPIs that can be easily measured and tracked so that performance improvements are meaningful; and;
  • To better organise internal marketing process and external agency management processes.

ID Comms will provide you with:

  • A written report for relevant marketing and procurement stakeholders to be used as a business case for transformation;
  • A project plan to develop insight, strategy and actions for adapting the business to a digital media centric process;
  • An internal communications plan for managing expectations and aligning stakeholders on the implementation plan;
  • A highly detailed Project Management programme for change management / delivery; and;
  • Senior high-touch consultant and project management support throughout the process of adaptation.

The questions that the Digital Transformation process will address:

  • How should we start to take advantage of the digital revolution properly?
  • What are the most relevant / easy wins for our business?
  • How should we prioritise digital activity?
  • What should our primary KPIs be for marketing once we properly integrate digital into our marketing?
  • How will we measure success in the future?
  • What kind of agencies will we need to work with?
  • How should we update the scope of work for our existing agencies to account for this strategy?
  • How long will it take, what happens if we do nothing and what are the risks?



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