DigitalReadiness™ is a suite of digitally oriented diagnostic tools to help marketers lead a co-ordinated approach to digital maturity and transformation.

Digital media now accounts for 25% of global advertising expenditure and is growing 15% year-on-year. While most brands want to pursue a consumer-centric, data-driven, omni-channel marketing ambition, most are, in reality, facing enormous complexity and have important hurdles to overcome before this can become a reality. DigitalReadiness™ is designed to help demystify your digital landscape and break down your challenges into manageable steps. DigitalReadiness™ starts with a 100-line examination of your digital capabilities and arrangements, leading to a pragmatic and actionable framework for prioritising digital workstreams and developing a digital maturity roadmap.

"ID Comms were a breath of fresh air compared to the traditional media auditors I had met."

Gayle Noah, Media Manager L’Oréal UK & Ireland


Objectives of DigitalReadiness™:

  • To assess a brand’s digital media management capabilities and processes;
  • To provide a comprehensive diagnostic of digital planning, buying, measurement and technology;
  • To establish a pragmatic and actionable digital maturity roadmap; and
  • To help global brands cluster and prioritise local market digital transformation.

ID Comms will provide you with:

An objective evaluation of your digital landscape against a comprehensive 100-point checklist, conducted by one of ID Comms’ digital consultants.

A written DigitalReadiness™ report graded and prioritised to let you easily action the ‘quick wins’ and then plan for longer-term digital improvements and any change management that is required.

The questions that the DigitalReadiness™ process will address:

  • How mature are the digital media and marketing capabilities across my organisation and agencies?
  • What improvements should we be focusing on this year in digital?
  • Where are best-practices happening across the business, and how can I leverage them?
  • Are we operationally equipped to maximise our digital performance?
  • Where are the opportunities to simplify and streamline our digital ecosystem?
  • Where are the knowledge gaps and where should we upskill?
  • How capable are our digital agency partners?



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