A best-in-class tool for the efficient monitoring of agency service and strategy performance.

Holding agencies accountable is more important than ever. With talent becoming more of a scarce commodity and best-practice suggesting that remuneration models should be at least partly performance related, evaluation of agency service and strategy is something that you need to look at much more seriously.

Traditional approaches to agency performance evaluation are usually spreadsheet based, extremely complicated and time consuming. Combined with a lack of objectivity and inconsistent scoring methods, they can make the process awkward, confrontational and wholly unrewarding.

ID Comms AgencyPerformanceMonitor™ (APM) was developed to provide you with a more productive solution, allowing you to monitor agency performance in a more constructive, professional way. Using cloud-based technology for increased reliability and security, the APM is configured specifically for media agency performance reviews.

It is designed for easy mobile and tablet use and can perform both 180° and 360° bespoke evaluations tailored to your specific needs.

APM lets you run simultaneous evaluations across multiple markets / verticals / divisions whilst avoiding the complexity of the traditional performance approach. Finally, APM’s unique benchmarking capability enables clients to track both their own and their agencies’ performance against internal benchmarks as well as an ID Comms benchmark based upon average scores across all APM evaluations.


Objectives of AgencyPerformanceMonitor™:

  • To simplify and automate the traditionally complex and time-consuming agency performance evaluation process;
  • To enable clients to create bespoke evaluations relevant to their needs; and
  • To provide both benchmarking facilities based on internal performance as well as industry averages.

ID Comms will provide you with:

  • Access to AgencyPerformanceMonitor™;
  • Account creation / set-up;
  • Review of evaluation questions;
  • Unlimited use (users & evaluations); and
  • Technical support.


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