A best-practice agency management programme for advertisers looking to get the best performance from their media agencies.

Any organisation is only as effective as its processes and every hour you invest preparing for success makes that success much more likely. We strongly recommend that ambitious marketing organisations work with their agencies to implement clear ways of working process.

ID Comms has developed a best-practice Agency Management Process, which starts the moment an agency is appointed and transforms clients into a more strategic, digitised and highly accountable media investor.

We provide our clients with tried and tested guidance on all elements of a highly productive client / agency relationship, including:

  • Effective agency on-boarding (creating meaningful relationships);
  • Aligning business and media planning cycles;
  • Implementing IMC framework (if relevant);
  • Budget management processes;
  • Research, tools and data management approaches;
  • Briefing, evaluating and judging good work;
  • Purchase orders and Approval processes;
  • Invoice management;
  • Financial controls – delegation of authority;
  • Reporting against KPIs;
  • ROI calculations; and
  • Sharing learnings.

We bring together all existing best-practice assets between client and agency and add new ID Comms assets where there are gaps, combining them to create a toolkit that defines the working process between the two teams. This is tailored to requirements and is unique for each client.

Finally, we develop a comprehensive communications plan to merchandise the toolkit, align stakeholders internally and externally and provide training where necessary.


Objectives of Agency Management Process:

  • Provide best-practice agency management techniques;
  • Quickly align agency and advertisers’ processes; and
  • Bring together important assets and documents into a practical toolkit.

ID Comms will provide you with:

  • Operational structure and process map for your business;
  • Best-practice templates;
  • Toolkit for ways of working;
  • >On-boarding assets for internal communications; and
  • Training of internal teams as required.

The questions that Agency Management Process will address:

  • What is the optimal operating model to work with a media agency?
  • How do we get our media agency working effectively within our IMC approach?
  • How can we avoid some of the typical pitfalls when working with an agency?
  • How should we bring our wider organisation on board with a new operating process for working with a media agency?
  • How do we set the parameters of our media agency relationship?
  • Who should be doing what in a new relationship with a media agency?