ID Comms: Your Partners in Media Change

ID Comms is a global management consulting company, specialising in media and advertising. We act as trusted media partners to the world’s leading advertisers, helping them to navigate the complexities of the changing media landscape to secure a competitive advantage.


Media is a very powerful lever for growth for brands, but the landscape is complicated, cluttered and confusing. Making sense of this and knowing what to focus on is a challenge for marketers.


It comes down to having the right knowledge to make decisions with confidence and the right controls to implement them, and that’s what we do.


We provide clarity in this complex landscape by empowering our clients with the knowledge they need to take the right decisions and we provide the data and tools to give them more control over their
media performance.

  • An Introduction to ID Comms
    ID Comms CEO David Indo and Chief Strategy Officer Tom Denford provide a background to the business, including the history behind the brand, core values and unique approach to media consulting.
  • ID Comms Agency Management
    Once you’ve secured the right agency resource, you need to make sure your teams are working with the agency in the right way. ID Comms provides a suite of Agency Management tools and techniques for advertisers designed to maximise productivity and value from media agency relationships.
  • ID Comms Performance Monitor
    Our Performance Monitor suite is equipped with a focussed set of tools and methodologies brands need to realise such incremental improvements, tailored to a brand’s media improvement requirements.
  • ID Comms KPIs & Objectives
    Our Objective and KPI setting products are designed to set the right parameters for everyone involved in media investment and identify what will be measured and how to measure it.
  • ID Comms Strategic Consulting
    Our strategic consulting products are designed to answer the big questions for a marketing teams facing the challenges of a digitised marketplace, gaps in internal marketing capabilities and coping with the rapid pace of change.
  • ID Comms Remuneration and Contracts
    Our Media Agency Contract products consist of best-practice knowledge and templates to help marketing and procurement leaders define agency and vendor relationships clearly, holding these partners to account for delivery and identifying how and when they make money.
  • ID Comms Agency Selection
    Finding the right external agency resource is one of the biggest decisions any marketing and procurement team will make. Like any big decision it requires a structured and objective approach to ensure that the right decision is taken for the company and that it suits the needs of all internal stakeholders. Our Agency Selection products consist of market-leading consulting processes and tools to support brands in making these big decisions and securing high-quality relationships with the right agencies.


ID Comms was founded in early 2009 by global media experts David Indo and Tom Denford, who left senior marketing and agency roles to begin a consulting company which now helps marketing and procurement leaders get more value from their media investments.


Clients are 50% responsible for the success of any agency relationship. Agencies are hugely powerful levers for marketing success but are complex and can be difficult to manage.


The quality of the brief will always be the biggest influence on media success.


Agencies should only earn profit from practices which create value for their clients.


Agencies will need to find ways to work productively with procurement to treat media spend as an investment rather than a cost.


Best practice in media will always give a competitive advantage; being more effective than your competitors means your marketing drives more business.


The more effective every dollar of media spend, the less you need to spend. But once you can understand a positive
ROI from media spend, you may actually
spend more.

We believe...
media investment can work much harder

Having best practice in media management gives our clients a competitive advantage in marketing; making every dollar invested work a little harder puts more resources at your disposal to drive growth. We call this approach Productive Media Governance, having good practice in media management tools and techniques which improve the productivity of your media budgets and therefore your marketing performance.

We obsess...
about value

The best measure of media performance should consider the value of media not just the price paid. At ID Comms we help brands do both; reduce the costs of their media buying and significantly improve the value delivered. We can do this because we understand that agencies are the arbiters of media value.

This results in...
Productive Media Governance

At ID Comms, we believe that advertisers should invest in the specialist resources required to fully protect and enhance the value of their media investment.

Media is an important component in the marketing mix, yet is growing ever more complex. Managing large media budgets requires specialist skills, up-to-date practices and robust, accountable processes to ensure the full value of the media budget is achieved.

That’s why ID Comms clients allocate a small proportion of their budgets each year to get the reassurance that their media spends are working as hard as possible to grow their business. We call this Productive Media Governance and it is the common thread through everything we do.


ID Comms believes all companies should strive for continuous incremental improvement, always looking for ways to improve marketing performance. Our operating model to deliver this is called “Productive Media Governance” and it gives marketing and procurement leaders a simple 8 step process to maximise their media value and drive improvements in ROMI.

The first half of the model shows the 4 internal steps brands should take to get match-fit in media; the second half shows the 4 steps to managing external agencies in the most productive way and making the whole process accountable for improvements in performance.

Diagnostic assessment of a client’s current media management capabilities, competence and processes to identify immediate opportunities for improvement in performance.
Expert media consulting products that help companies define strategies for media investment and the role for media in driving business growth.
Tools and processes to help brands set the right goals and KPIs for media success and ensure agency resources are aligned to these KPIs.
A proven, best-practice consulting process designed to define stakeholder teams, roles and responsibilities and align everyone to the same media investment strategies and KPIs.
Defining the needs for external agency resources and finding the perfect agency partners for your business requirements.
Creating the right payment model and ensure your agency is incentivized to deliver strong performance while also holding them to account with best-practice contract terms that improve transparency.
Once you’ve secured the right agency resource, you need to make sure your teams are working with the agency in the right way.

“ID Comms is a challenger to the traditional methods of price-driven media management; we put strategy and innovation at the heart of our business in order to improve the productivity of yours. ”